attestation services

attestation services

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attestation services

Providing dependable information for reporting financial data to key stakeholders – your board, shareholders, customers, bankers – as well as to State and Federal entities is mission-critical to the long-term success of your business. But not every business requires the same level of assurance for these various stakeholders, so our professionals work with you to tailor an engagement that is appropriate for your business needs and objectives. It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your financial data and all information you provide to us during the course of an engagement. KMA performs analysis and review, according to established laws, regulations, and guidelines, then reports on the information you provided to the level appropriate for the engagement.

Following are the service engagements we offer to you, in order of increasing level of involvement and requirements:


Often, a bank or other entity you are doing business with (or want to do business with) will ask for financial statements and other details, but they don’t need audited financials. This is where we can help. These entities often appreciate that you are working with a CPA to provide the information they’re seeking.

Think of compilation services as what the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller of a large company would be able to do. However, many businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time CFO. Following generally accepted accounting standards and other guidelines, KMA can compile various forms of financial information from your records. This is a lower-cost engagement than an audit because you don’t require that level of assurance. We do not verify the accuracy or completeness of the information you provide to us, nor do we express any opinion or provide any conclusions about the financial information you provide. Examples of compilation engagements can include preparation of:


You may do business with a customer or government agency that requires you to meet specific performance standards, follow specific laws, rules, or regulations, or do work according to specific parameters. Therefore, you may need to prove your adherence to those requirements. This is where you would need an attestation engagement.

Attestation engagements review your compliance with the specified requirements, following procedures agreed upon between you and KMA, in order for us to express an opinion on whether you were in compliance with those requirements. For example, KMA can perform attestation engagements with regard to:

The result of a successful attestation engagement is our opinion that, according to the parameters of the engagement and the information you provided, compliance was met.


As your business grows and you need to secure additional and/or higher levels of financing, lenders asking for financial information typically want a higher level of confidence in the information you provide, but they stop short of asking for fully audited financial statements. A review engagement is less than a full audit of your financial information, but more than just compiling your information into a required or somewhat standard form.

During a review, KMA will perform limited analysis and other required procedures that will both satisfy us and provide limited assurance to whomever uses the financial information as to the accuracy of the information you provide.


As your business matures, you progress into ever-higher levels of financing needs. Complex financial transactions, bringing in outside investors, and going public all demand a greater level of assurance in the financial results you achieve. The highest level of assurance you can get is an audit of your financial statements.

KMA’s accounting professionals understand the need for audited financial statements to represent your viability as an ongoing business. During an audit, we will follow what are known as generally accepted auditing standards to review and gain the appropriate level of proof of the accuracy of your financial statements, so we can render an opinion as to their viability. This will require us to understand and test the following, among other things that may arise during the course of our audit:

Our thorough process involves following strict quality standards over and above those required by our profession and a deep commitment to excellence and integrity. When we complete our audit and issue our opinion, you can rest assured we have done everything we can to determine the veracity of the financial information you provided to us.

401(k) Audit Services

401(k) plans have become one of the most popular benefits provided to employees to help them save for retirement. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) requires that large 401(k) plans (i.e., those with 100 or more eligible participants) must be audited by a CPA on an annual basis. KMA has a team of experienced professionals who provide timely, results-driven 401(k) audits at an affordable price. Our team will render an opinion on the financial data of your plan and help you with process improvements along the way.

In addition to performing the required audit of your 401(k) plan, the experienced professionals at KMA can help you review and manage your 401(k) plan in many other ways, such as: