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The general misconception about working with business financials is that bookkeeping and accounting are two titles for the same job. While they might look the same, a closer look reveals some very important differences. Here are the major distinctions between these two necessary aspects of business. In the Details Bookkeepers are professionals that focus on
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Everyone knows all businesses need to keep track of their financials. If you’re operating a small business that already employs an accountant or have been taking care of bookkeeping alone, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Here are a few reasons why hiring a dedicated bookkeeper helps keep your company on top of its financials.
Nobody likes paying taxes. One way to pay less tax is to earn less money, though that isn’t fun either. Fortunately, a better strategy is to engage in tax planning in Madison, WI, which will both reduce and delay your taxes. Check out these examples of tax planning that you should study. Working From Home
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Perhaps you already know what accounting entails. Generally speaking, it involves maintaining the general ledger of a business or organization, preparing financial statements, and performing tax work for individuals and/or businesses. Anyone who provides such services, whether as the employee of a company or as an independent contractor, can be considered an accountant. However, an