May 15, 2017 KMA BODILLY CPAS & CONSULTANTS WIN WISCONSIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 2017 DANE COUNTY SMALL BUSINESS AWARD Madison, WI May 15, 2017– Wisconsin School of Business awarded KMA a Dane County Small Business Award. These prestigious awards recognize successful small Dane County businesses that have rewarding workplace environments and contribute to the community.
Article by Eric Ervin The month of April marks the U.S. tax filing deadline for individuals. For most, this can be confusing – if not dreadful – as taxpayers attempt to make sense of all the moving pieces in their financial lives, especially investments. To add to the complexity, each security in a portfolio likely gets
Article by Gail MarkJarvis Chicago Tribune. Taxes are due April 18. What should you do if you can’t finish your tax return on time or if you don’t have the money to pay your taxes now? There is a common belief that you should be among the masses filing by the April deadline so you
Article by John Rampton from DUE Whether you’re ready or not, we’re quickly approaching 2017. This means in just a few weeks, we’ll not only have a new president, but also a new set of tax laws and codes that will influence how we conduct business. Since it’s always best to be well-prepared when it comes